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Wants. <3
mewtwo and katherine by myuutsufan

These are the items I'll accept in trades. :)

Last updated April 2013


Mewtwo Bell Plush (the last plush I need!)

Signicantly Wanted:

Mewtwo Groundbreakers TFG
(yeah...I know I'll probably never find one of these.)

Mewtwo 151 shirt. I LOVE wearing Mewtwo stuff (and currently sport a custom Mewtwo hoodie nearly every day). I would pay almost anything for one of these shirts.

(Less) Wanted:

Metal Mewtwo Figures in any other colors besides these two! :)

I don't actively collect cards, but if you have these for cheap enough, I'll take 'em. :)


I only have a few Mewtwo TCG, I'm interested in any you don't see in the link above! But only if they're CHEAP!

-I am also on the lookout for a giant Mewtwo Play by Play plush - bigger than the 2ft one. I've seen two collectors that own one 3 feet tall, and I would loooove to own one that size :D So if you're selling giant Mewtwos, let me know. ^_^

I'll pretty much be willing to accept most Mewtwo figures/plushes I don't already have (not a big fan of flats typically), however these are my main wants.  Check with me before offering anything else. :3

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Hey :)

I really love your icons, and your Mewtwo collection - I was a huge collector of Mewtwo for over 10 years when I let go of most of what I owned due to expenses (including the bell plush there, that's actually a photo I took of mine!). I do have a few things left that mean too much for me to let go of, but I wanted to say I have the stalky model if you are still looking for it, and a fuzzy figure I don't think you have. I am tempted to hold onto both of them but I thought I would see if you're interested and how much you'd be willing to spare for them if you are!

Your posts always make me smile and I think they'd be most at home with you than with any other Mewtwo fan C:

Really? Thank you :3 And I didn't know that. ^^

How much are you looking to get for them? I've been trying to limit my spending but that stalky model has been on my wants list for a loong time. xD So I'd make an exception.

I honestly don't know what the figure's going for since I haven't seen one on the comm for more than 3 years - or on eBay either, but I haven't searched there all that often, admittedly |D What sort of budget are you looking to spend? The figure has no marks or scratches, and comes fully assembled (though I may remove the arms or hands to prevent breakage, they're a little fragile).


I have no idea either, but the last time someone mentioned it they said they won it for a low price on Y!J.

I'm honestly pretty strapped for cash, so I couldn't offer more than like ten bucks for both of them. I understand if you don't want to accept that because you're partial to the stuff, I know it's probably a low offer. >.<

Fff sorry I completely missed this >_>

Ah okay, at least now I know it's fairly common on Y!J. I think I'll hold onto it for now then but thank you, and I wish you luck in completing your collection!

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