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Wants. <3
mewtwo and katherine by myuutsufan

These are the items I'll accept in trades. :)

Last updated April 2013


Mewtwo Bell Plush (the last plush I need!)

Signicantly Wanted:

Mewtwo Groundbreakers TFG
(yeah...I know I'll probably never find one of these.)

Mewtwo 151 shirt. I LOVE wearing Mewtwo stuff (and currently sport a custom Mewtwo hoodie nearly every day). I would pay almost anything for one of these shirts.

(Less) Wanted:

Metal Mewtwo Figures in any other colors besides these two! :)

I don't actively collect cards, but if you have these for cheap enough, I'll take 'em. :)


I only have a few Mewtwo TCG, I'm interested in any you don't see in the link above! But only if they're CHEAP!

-I am also on the lookout for a giant Mewtwo Play by Play plush - bigger than the 2ft one. I've seen two collectors that own one 3 feet tall, and I would loooove to own one that size :D So if you're selling giant Mewtwos, let me know. ^_^

I'll pretty much be willing to accept most Mewtwo figures/plushes I don't already have (not a big fan of flats typically), however these are my main wants.  Check with me before offering anything else. :3

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Hey :)

I really love your icons, and your Mewtwo collection - I was a huge collector of Mewtwo for over 10 years when I let go of most of what I owned due to expenses (including the bell plush there, that's actually a photo I took of mine!). I do have a few things left that mean too much for me to let go of, but I wanted to say I have the stalky model if you are still looking for it, and a fuzzy figure I don't think you have. I am tempted to hold onto both of them but I thought I would see if you're interested and how much you'd be willing to spare for them if you are!

Your posts always make me smile and I think they'd be most at home with you than with any other Mewtwo fan C:

Really? Thank you :3 And I didn't know that. ^^

How much are you looking to get for them? I've been trying to limit my spending but that stalky model has been on my wants list for a loong time. xD So I'd make an exception.

I honestly don't know what the figure's going for since I haven't seen one on the comm for more than 3 years - or on eBay either, but I haven't searched there all that often, admittedly |D What sort of budget are you looking to spend? The figure has no marks or scratches, and comes fully assembled (though I may remove the arms or hands to prevent breakage, they're a little fragile).


I have no idea either, but the last time someone mentioned it they said they won it for a low price on Y!J.

I'm honestly pretty strapped for cash, so I couldn't offer more than like ten bucks for both of them. I understand if you don't want to accept that because you're partial to the stuff, I know it's probably a low offer. >.<

Fff sorry I completely missed this >_>

Ah okay, at least now I know it's fairly common on Y!J. I think I'll hold onto it for now then but thank you, and I wish you luck in completing your collection!

Oh my arceus, that Pokedoll Charm is just to cute o3o

Yeah...it's also very rare, unfortunately. :/

(God those stubby arms are cute o3o)

Someone can actually make a vector out of that :D

I suppose they could, but there's no official Pokedoll art of Mewtwo, to my knowledge. Just this charm :| And there aren't too many good pictures of it either.

Just wanted to let you know that your TCG wishlist link is broken.

Thanks for letting me know ^^ I fixed it.

Um do you still have that mewtwo plush for $15?

Sorry, I don't. :/ It sold a long time ago.

thats ok any others?

Not currently, no. :/ All the Mewtwos I have right now are part of my collection.

Thanks anyway

The daruant is up for oction on vailosales

Thanks, but the shipping is crazy high (they're located in Canada so it starts at $6) and $15 is kind of a lot for a Durant MPC anyway. :|

But thanks for pointing it out for me! <3

That psycho drive Mewtwo is gorgeous! Since it's a lottery item, do you know how much one should cost? Or, if you're not sure, how much would you pay for it?

I'm actually looking for one, too.

There's one on Y!J right now BIN for 10,000 yen. While ridiculous, that's about how much I've seen it sell for. :|

I wouldn't pay anywhere near that amount for a kid. I'd probably cap off at $30 or so, anything higher than that isn't worth it imo.

Wow. Thanks for the info!
Yeah, $30 sounds reasonable.

Hi, am researching on mewtwo's in battle armor (promo for the first movie) figure and I came across your web. Do you have any updates if the one you have is authentic? Or what do you have to say about demon-sushi site?

Hello! I actually don't know if mine is authentic...I never had any way to tell. But I know the real one is quite hard to come by, so I'm not sure.

As for demon-sushi, you could try asking funkicarus (here on LJ that's what he goes by), he's the owner of the site. Although he sold most of his Mewtwos earlier in the year and probably doesn't have that figure anymore. :/

Hey, would you happen to know anything about mewtwo posters? I found this Meiji lottery genesect/mewtwo poster. You know anything about it?

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