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aura the mewtwo by dracalitten
Hi everyone! It's been so long since I've posted here, but I've still been actively collecting! I've just been buying and selling mostly through Ebay because I enjoy suffering apparently

I'm in the process of revamping my collection site for a total relaunch, but in the meantime, I've got some items that have been hanging around my room FOREVER that I really want to send to some good homes. Prices are negotiable (within reason), I just really want this stuff gone!



I was granted sales permission on 11/18/2011 by dakajojo.
My merch is not exposed to any smoke or any pets. It is all kept safely in my bedroom.
However my room tends to be very dusty. I will clean the items as best I can, but if you have a severe dust allergy, keep that in mind when ordering.
I don't accept orders through PM.
Haggling is allowed, but keep it reasonable. If someone offers to pay full price after your comment, I will accept the full price offer.
I accept trades and my wants list can be found here.
I will hold an item for no more than 72 hours, and you must commit to buy. If I hold it for you and you do not pay, you will be given a negative feedback.
I recently had a DISASTROUS experience with international shipping, so for now I am only shipping within the U.S. :/

-I don't drive, so it's hard for me to get to the post office. As a result, I can sometimes ship rather slowly. If you urgently need an item, tell me and I will make every effort to ship it ASAP!
- I ship from the US. Prices do not include shipping or fees.
-Domestic shipping for an envelope (bubble mailer) under 3oz starts at around $3. This covers MOST small plushes and figures.

-Minimum purchase is $1.
- I only accept Paypal.
-When you pay, please leave your username and what you bought in a memo attached to the payment.

Item Conditions:
- Items are in USED condition unless specified otherwise. These items are sold as-is, so ask for condition if you have any concerns.
- Most of the items I sell are in used, but good condition; however, I do sell new and MIP items as well. I'll do my best to describe the condition of each individual piece of merch, but let me know and I'll gladly take some extra pictures for you. :)

- My OLD pkmncollectors feedback can be found here, my NEW feedback is here and my ebay feedback can be found here.

Onto the sales:

"I Love Mew" rubber bracelet x 2. They came in sets with a Mewtwo bracelet, but I only wanted the Mewtwo ones.
These bracelets are identical, one is just turned around so you can see the back side of it.
Let me know if you want the cardboard that it comes on.
$3.50 each

The most expensive one will be the regular price one, the rest will all be half off.

All kids are mint in their boxes. Mewtwo's boxes have been opened, but that's it.

Pokemon Kids - BW5 Set (2013)

Red Genesect x 3 - $2
Flareon x 2 - $3
Leafeon x 2 - $3
Jolteon x 2 - $3

Eevee - $3
Vaporeon - $5
Espeon - $4
Umbreon - $4

Mewtwo - $3
Charizard - $3
Glaceon - $3
Pikachu x 2 - $2

Pokemon Kids - Mewtwo Arc Set (2013)

Zoroark x 2 - $3
Croconaw x 2 - $3
Jirachi x 2 - $3
Dialga x 2 - $3
Pikachu - $2
Rotom Mow - $3
Rotom (Normal) - $3
Mewtwo x 2 - $3
Oshawott x 2 - $3
Swellow - $2

2013 Genesect Movie Set Phone Straps (all will be shipped in their plastic bags, I just took them out for the picture)


Sableye - $2
Charizard - $3
Red Genesect - $2
Genesect - $3
Pikachu - $1

Darumaka Jakks Plush MWT - $6 OBO
Banpresto Squishy Squirtle Keychain - $4
McDonald's Oshawott - $1
Clefable Banpresto keychain - $2
Mew Banpresto keychain - $3
Jynx Banpresto keychain (she's very dusty in the picture but I have cleaned her off since) - $2
Mr. Mime Tomy - $1

Kyurem DX Tomy Figure (out of box but otherwise good condition) - $10 OBO

The Rise of Darkrai manga movie adaptation (in English, also pretty beat up) - $1 or free with purchase over $10

Eevee Chip Thing (it's one of those little disk/chips that used to be everywhere, from some kind of game in Japan) - $5
Pikachu Anniversary Mini Clearfile - $2

Pokemon White 2 Black Kyurem Commemorative Coin (came as a preorder bonus from TRU), never been opened - $3 OBO

One free with any $5 purchase or above!

Mewtwo/Mega Mewtwo Y & Genesect Promo Posters. These have been kicking around my room for years, so they have some edge wear.
Mega Mewtwo Y x 3
Mewtwo x 2
15th Anniversary Sticker Sheet (a little bent at the top)
Genesect Magnet Sheets. Comes with Pokeball/Pikachu magnets.
Plastic Dusk Ball

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Could I get a quote for a set of the eeveelution kids please? :)

Sure, what's your ZIP code?

Okay, so I could send it First Class for $4.50, or Priority 2-Day for $7.50.

The figures themselves would be $16.50 before shipping. c: So it would either be $21, or $24. Whatever shipping method you prefer!

Awesome! :) I'd like the $4.50 shipping please! :)

(Screened comment)
Payment sent! :) These guys will look so cool altogether! :) I put the address of my US middleman in the memo section so if it doesn't show up please let me know and I'll PM it to you! :) Thanks! ^-^

Your package was shipped today! You should get a notification from Paypal with the tracking info.

Hi! I'd like to commit to the Espeon and Umbreon kids if the above user passes :) to 96130

Hi, they have been claimed! Sorry!

How much would it be for all of the eeveeloution kids (well,one each)except for flareon to 20136?

Hi, unfortunately they have all been claimed except for one Leafeon and one Jolteon.

If you want those I can do that, but unfortunately there are no full sets left :/

I'll go ahead and take those two then if that would be okay. c:

(Screened comment)
Payment sent! Would you mind leaving me feedback please if you have the time? I can do the same for you if you would like. ^^

Done! You can leave it for me now or when the items arrive, I don't mind either way

Your package was shipped today! You should get a notification from Paypal with the tracking info.

Got them today,thank you! I didn't realize they were MIB like that, I might keep the boxes for these-the artwork is really pretty.

I'll leave you feedback tomorrow. ^^

I'd love the Darumaka Jakks Plush MWT and the Flareon and Charizard kid figures to 20814! Would you be willing to sell the Darumaka for $4.50? ^^

There's one Flareon that hasn't been asked for yet, lucky you!

I can do that! So with shipping your total for the 3 would be $13.

Does that work?

YAY!!! :D and sure sounds good! Let me know the pp address to send that over to :)

(Screened comment)
all sent!! thanks so much :)

Your package was shipped today! You should get a notification from Paypal with the tracking info.

Hi! I'd like a quote to 77571 for the Jynx and Clefable keychains please!

Hi, with shipping your total would be $7!

Is that okay?

Hi, so did you want the items? If not that's fine, I just need to know so I can give them to someone else if they ask.

Sorry about the delay! I think I'm going to pass on them though.

It's okay, thanks for letting me know!

Quote to 45248 for the Black Kyurem commemorative coin.

It would be $6 with shipping :)

Would you accept $5 shipped?

(Screened comment)
Your package was shipped today! You should get a notification from Paypal with the tracking info.

Quote for Kyurem DX and Mime Tomy to M5S 2Z3 please

I'm sorry, I'm only doing US shipping right now. Too many recent bad experiences with international :/

May I claim;
Jirachi, regular Rotom, Swellow, and Dialga kid if still available?

to 20854

Your package was shipped today! You should get a notification from Paypal with the tracking info.

hi! could i get a quote for BW5 Kid Mewtwo, the Mewtwo Arc Kid Mewtwo, McDonalds Oshawott, and Pikachu Phone strap if they are available? to 22182 c:

Hi there! They are all available! With shipping and fees your total would be $9.75. Is that okay?

Yes that's fine! :) Let me know your paypal email and I can send the payment shortly. thanks so much!

(Screened comment)
Payment sent :D Thanks again

Thanks! I should be able to get it out tomorrow morning with the rest!

Hi there, I saw that you sent the payment as a gift. I refunded it because sending as a gift doesn't let me print out a shipping label from Paypal, nor does it give me your address to ship the item to, so I can't send the items. :/ Would you mind sending it again as a payment for goods/services?

Oh gosh so sorry about that I'm such a goof (usually use paypal for buying art so I forget it doesn't have shipping address) >O< sent it again and it should be good this time!

Your package was shipped today! You should get a notification from Paypal with the tracking info.

Quote on Tomy Mr Mime to USA 11217 please. Thanks

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